i thought maybe i should make my own tag post for tw and etc!!

things i tag:

  • #nsfw
  • #gif (including #multiple gifs)
  • #epilepsy warning
  • #blood
  • anything involving slurs and derogatory things/people being awful toward anyone for anything
  • #death
  • #animal abuse/cruelty

you will very rarely see me post anything with #blood in it though, because i am hemophobic and sometimes i can’t even stand looking at the word. i am ok with mild video game blood like in l4d2 or fallout or skyrim but A LOT of it, animated, cgi, real or not, or really realist looking blood will make me really sick and lightheaded

a lot of the time you will see me refer to it as the b*word


things i will hope you tag for me:

  • #blood
  • #gore
  • anything that shows the insides of the human body or anything other organism (organs, etc)
  • #nsfw
  • #heights (for ex. a picture where someone is looking down at chicago from the sears tower, i am really bad with heights and looking over ledges/bars/etc and usually end up clinging to something and inching away)

and i think that’s it? please please feel free to ask me to tag anything you need me to! it is not stupid: if you can’t handle seeing it, then that’s that.

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