i like these things

anime, manga: akuma to dolce, birdy the mighty, b★rs, durarara!!, eden of the east, fma, full moon wo sagashite, ga-rei, gundam, hanasaku iroha, p&swg, mawaru penguindrum, mirai nikki, nosatsu junkie, president dad, puella magi madoka magica, prism, sasameki koto, shingeki no kyoujinthe idolm@ster

games: amnesia, assassins creed series, bioshock series, borderlands +2, dead island, fallout series, half-life, hatoful boyfriend, katawa shoujo, killing floor, kingdom hearts, l4d+2, minecraft, persona 3+4, pokemon, portal1+2, skyrim, the sims

tv: adventure time, courage the cowardly dog, dance moms, futurama, moral orel (yeah i dont watch much tv), toby turner’s youtube channels

movies: ghibli films, but i’m a cheerleader, hercules, iron man 1+2tangled, the cat returns, the muppets (all of them), thumbelina

music: a fine frenzy, codeine velvet club, explosions in the sky, frou frou, imogen heap, johnathan coulton, ludo, mae, mgmt, miniature tigers, no doubt, priscilla ahn, sick puppies, the antlers, the hush sound, the mountain goats

other: CATS!!, homestuck, vocaloid

i am bad at remembering to remember things/recall them so i’m probably missing a lot, please feel free to ask me about these or anything else